Special Educational Needs

While browsing through the internet, I came across an excerpt from a father. A few lines of his words are as under – My heart is in pieces right now," he begins. "My soul feels like it's ripping from my chest. "This beautiful young man, my son Jackson, has to endure a constant barrage of derogatory comments and ignorance like I've never witnessed. "He is called ugly and freak and monster on a daily basis by his peers at school.
"He talks about suicide...he's not quite 8! In the above few lines the father is talking about his son Jackson, who is suffering from Treacher Collins Syndrome. It is a genetic disorder characterized by deformities of the ears, eyes, cheekbones, and chin. Despite of the umpteen innovations and technological interventions, human cannot win over the divine power. God has his own plans for its every creation. There are about a million children born every year with malformations and down syndrome. But it is our fundamental and m…

Features of METS LAB

In recent past, educators have perceived the needs of preparing the children as per the workforce required in the 21st century. They have realized that innovators are needed for the world to flourish into a better place to live in.
METS Lab is a tool to arm the children with requisite skills and knowledge to be successful pioneers of inventions and discoveries. METS labis a way to spark the kids’ interest for science, technology, arts, technology and mathematics at a very early age. This intervention at an adolescent level instigates curiosities and investigations.

METS lab has been designed keeping in mind the tenderness of brain of a kid. It has been devised to keep up the interest levels of every child when it comes to his involvement in the learning process. Let’s look up at the few features we clung to while designing the curriculum of METS Lab.
Focus on real world issues There is no point teaching kids if they are unfamiliar of the real world problems from day to day life. In METS L…

Get Acquainted To Our Special Feature in Education ERP

Information technology has become the backbone for today’s living. The world can now be viewed as a vast sea and technology as a massive ship to make the sailing hassle free and tranquil.
The intervention of technology in various fields have resulted into convergent attention to the core areas and solving the underlying issues. One such example is the education industry. Education industry requires diversified heed at all levels and activities. For this came up the education ERPs to effectuate the needs.

Education ERPs are the management tools to drive the operation of various departments efficiently and effectively. They have reduced the clutter and proved to be a source of better management and allocation of resources. School and college management softwares have automated the financial, inventory, staff and students’ management system. It has brought everything into a same roof simplifying the hassles.
We have discussed before various pros of having an education ERP in the school pr…

How Personality Helps in Cracking a Job Interview

Sleepless nights, nightmares, anxiety issues, loss of appetite; any person after listening to these symptoms may recommend you a physician. But these conditions may be found very common if you visit any college campus just a day before a campus drive. We term it as interview phobia.
Interview fear is nothing to be ashamed of. Even the veterans face the heebie-jeebies before appearing for a face to face interview.
Have you ever imagined the need of the personal interview? After going through various telephonic and skype rounds, even the mammoths of the corporate world have their final round as a personal interview. It is crucial to develop a positive connection between the employer and the job seeker. The relationship they built up in those 30-45 minutes lays the foundation of their bonds hence setting up an appropriate work environment for the seeker and fruitful results for the employer.

So we come up with a few tips related to personalitydevelopment, especially for those who are soon…

Importance of Video Tutorials in Education

The influence of digitization has left the remarkable impact on individuals of all age group. Be it a toddler or a teenager, a middle-aged human or a person nearing his 70s all are fascinated and completely under the influence of technology and gadgets.
Under this scenario, where everyone is trapped in the hands of gadgetry world, it becomes difficult to curb this habit into a beneficial one. Video tutorials for different age are therefore constantly gaining popularity to be one of the most effective ways of pedagogy. Video learning adds a unique dimension to the whole learning procedure.

Various reports suggest that the audio-visual nature of the videos have improved the retention power of the students. They appeal a wider audience breaking down the barriers of location and time drastically. So let us elaborate a few more points covering the advantages of video sessions.
Interactive Nature This one remains the most obvious of all the reasons for using video learning tool. The video cla…

Implementing METS LAB Education at Home

Parents are always the first teachers of children. They inherit a bundle of psychometrics as well as behavioral features from them.At the initial tenderness of age, children are the best observers. They keep a close watch on their parents’ different activities, their way of speaking and many more. Concisely, we can quote that they use their parents' actions as a manual to comprehend to the outside world and develop skills which help them grow.
Therefore, the family involvement in developing the required skills of children is quite crucial. As per several pieces of research, it has been stated that an effective family engagement in children’s learning process results in wonders for them. Thus parents can lay the foundations of METS LAB education at their home.
METS LAB education at initial levels is establishing an interconnection between the content in context to the real world. It is a wholesome integrated study which sees Mathematics, Engineering, Technology and Scienceas a beaut…

Time Management in Online Examinations

Tick Tick Tick, it is probably the most dreaded sound while you are giving for an online examination. Acting as a horrifying monster, the constant decreasing seconds of the clock appearing on the corner of your screen distracts your concentration. The clock has an unusual deviation power to which maximum students fall prey to.

So what are the ways to overcome this monster? How can the students defeat their time elapse fear successfully in online examinations? As it is already mid of September and the entrance examinations are approaching like a tide, let us focus on effective time management while taking up the online examinations.
Do not look at the clock It may sound weird to many of you. But it is one of the best ways to control your adrenaline rush while you are busy in solving the questions. Gazing at the clock every now and then throughout the examinationnot only wastes time but also increases the anxiety level. The students must have an approximation of time to solve each question…

How to increase numbers of college campus placement drives?

Getting grounds interviews for your students is a standout amongst the most essential viewpoints that is anticipated from the colleges in India.

A portion of the approaches to enhance placement numbers:
Enhance Your College Profile
With regards to enhancing your college profile, you should take a gander at each part of the things identified with college. Here are a portion of the things you ought to consider:
•Market your Previous Placement Records or alumni who are from industry back ground. •Academic Records: Student and Staff scholastic records are an imperative angle which organizations search for. •Market your teachers and instructors profile who have astounding scholarly and additionally industry background •Include grants that your college has gotten •If your school foundation is something to be pleased with then incorporate it on the site and your showcasing leaflet

Interview Preparation from Industry Leaders

This is a standout amongst the most imperative angles to enhance your …